it's wow... truth

i finally figured out that my wi-fi gets messed up when i use my microwave

this episode of bones is about how American Soldiers Derserve Our Unquestioned Respect And Admiration and how Anyone who Disagrees With That Is an Unfeeling and Irrational Conspiracy Theorist and its all just very gross to watch

like, i only have one friend in the area now and i kinda think he’s avoiding me so i have no one to play with

im not really into the competitive video game scene at all so

and with no story mode i dont think ill have as much fun playing it by myself as i did with brawl

im starting to think im not gonna get the new smash bros after all


And they say romance is dead


And they say romance is dead

my mom brought home a subway breakfast sandwich and im kinda glad that i was already eating the breakfast i had made myself because it gave me an excuse not to eat it because im really… not a fan of those

just so we don’t have another “Coraline was made by Tim Burton” deal on our hands


The Book of Life

  • is directed by Jorge Gutierrez, creator of of El Tigre. he is the major figure behind the movie, having come up with the idea originally as well
  • is produced by several people, one of whom is Guillermo del Toro, director of Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim, etc 
  • is written by Jorge Gutierrez, joined by Doug Landale, creator of the Weekenders
  • has several character designs by Sandra Equihua, Gutierrez’s wife and co-creator of El Tigre

can mosquitoes see their reflection?

science side of tumblr pls help


Street Art byDavid Zinn

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