it's wow... truth


PSYCHO-PASS 2 trailer

the combat looks so cool…… and the car

it had a really cool atmosphere and the car contributed to that a lot

kawaiigundamprincess replied to your post: sensitivetrash said:”i have never…

me either lol

better get on it because im about to leave u in the incredibly confusing dust

"i have never played a final fantasy game before" goddammit

lol ikr its pretty terrible of me

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEA was the ffxv trailer a good enough present??

thank u jamie!!!

it was a p good present although nothing will ever top the japanese release of pokemon BW coinciding w/ my bday (unless of course a pokemon game ever gets released here on my birthday)

but that trailer looked so cool  like goddamn. godDAMN

a-strawberry-milky replied to your post: i am plating final fantasy X i have ne…

should have started with 9 since its the best game ever made

well i found the HD vita port of X/X2 for cheap so i got that one

the girl at the counter was very excited that i was buying this game

i am plating final fantasy X

i have never played a final fantasy game before

i have no idea what’s going on

capsule - I wish You
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CAPSULE (カプセル) - I Wish You



Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important

The world is watching, White America.





the gentlemen you meet on tinder

Calm down.


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